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Originally Posted by Eponine View Post
No matter how rarely I'm attracted to people, a mono relationship would still be denying my autonomy.
Monogamy, in and of itself, doesn't deny anyone's autonomy. It's just one way to have relationships, just an approach. In your autonomy, you can choose and agree to be monogamous... or polyamorous and open... or polyamorous and polyfidelitous... or without any love relationships at all.

That's what autonomy is - self-government, or being your own person and determining how to live your life. Something inanimate can't take it away. One's autonomy and individuality are what a person utilizes to choose the type of relationship structure they want for themselves. I was always an individual making my own autonomous choice to be a monogamist. Now at this point inmy life, in my autonomy, I choose polyamory. If I choose monogamy again in the future, being in a monogamous relationship would not negate my autonomy.
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