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To be clear we are married, and have both cheated. I wanted to have a poly relationship and things have been messy. This would be there first relationship outside of our marriage. It's happening so fast, I don't feel ready for it, but I feel some guilt for my infidelity and things have been better since we talked about becoming non-monogamous but I agree that we need more time before really opening up. My partner is sweet and sensitive and really longs for this attention, but my partner is more interested in physical relationships where as I want more emotional relationships, and I am really concerned they won't want to continue in a poly relationship which is what I really want to do. They understand my point of view but there feelings of lust is so strong that they seem blinded by it. I want to be there for my partner so that they can get past this relationship and find a more suited secondary partner. One who is single or in an open relationship.
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