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I find this thread interesting. When my now husband and I started dating 5 years ago, I was "a virgin" by the technical standards of the word...but that did not mean I hadn't had done plenty of other things that had not involved penis in vagina. I think people hear the word virgin and right away they think sexually inexperienced, and for many people that are virgin's that is simply not the case. Furthermore, while penis-in-vagina is nice, the other non intercourse things I have done can be as if not more enjoyable, but yet some of you would want to consider those acts not sex?

Now that I am in a poly relationship, me and my partner were not quick to jump into intercourse. His gf actually told him prior to our having intercourse that as far as she was concerned with the level of physical and emotional intimacy we had already had that as far as she was concerned we were already having sex.
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