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Wow, it took me an hour to read through this and now I have no time to write because I'm picking up my tersiary, Dex.

Couple of notes that could be expanded, I am in the habit of telling people exactly what I want them to say and do. Its up to them to do it if they want to be there for me. I'm talking about my men and others that have become close to me. I see no harm in telling people what makes my heart sing and how they can love me better. They will see the benefit of loving me the way I want, cause I return that love how they want.

I also suggest having a look at "the five love languages" if you haven't already because you haven't mentioned once how GG might need to be loved in all this. After all, he needs love too and it might just be that you are different. What you value LR and Maca and what he values might be different. I don't think that the "punishement (because it sure sounds kinda like one)" of "you don't get to be primary" because you aren't doing it "my" way is not necessarily fair. The thing that sticks out for me is that he might not want that kind of primary role and that needs to be worked out.
I hear what you are saying LR. You are fed up. Completely, but listen to who ever it was who said to not decide anything now. Its only been since September! No rush, it will sort out with time.
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