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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey RP, you sound like you're doing pretty well. Just wondering - how is Polynerdist doing?
hi! Great to hear from you. Hope you are well?

PN is well enough. It's been interest in that sex and intimacy has been off the table but life went on similarly. Sometimes he and I struggle with moving on as my stuff is in his room and we share everything still. It will be awhile until we can "separate." He has his life and I have mine. We talk often. Fight just as much. He and I get resentful that we are not together yet still have the same issues with each other. It is what it is and we both do our best to let go of stuff. We also continue to work on doing things together as a family; everything from eating dinner together every night to planning next summers camping trips. We are becoming more and more interested in different things but we support each other with what we want to accomplish and work around our responsibilities to our child, joint finances and extended family obligations. Neither of our families know we are together as we used to be.

I am finding it works better to just not talk about labels actually. With any of my relationships. They just are what they are and it's between me and the other person. As soon as I call it something people come up with long lists of assumptions that mostly don't fit. I have opted to silence at this point about PN. I don't know what he says about us. No one has asked and only one of his friends has approached me and expressed any feelings about our not being together. Mostly that they were surprised and hoped I was okay after the year I just had. It was kind and caring and I appreciated it.
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