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About her age: I refuse to romantically associate with her due to her age. Also, I have multiple personalities and the one that hangs out with her is 14 so technically she's older.

Engagement age: He and I wanted to get engaged young, we have no interest in setting a date yet.

Meera: the income level and stuff is just showing that she came from a different background in general, it had nothing to do with anything important really. And I don't push her to, I am superemelyrespectful around her

Gala: it is a bit disappointing to not be able to puppy pile (cute phrase!) but if that's not in the cards right now,no big deal. i just think its cute lol.

as for the laws, i can legally date him, but not her, which is fine as i am not only not interested in her like that but also due to her being completely straight.


i actually talked to him about it because i felt badly and he agreed to spend all day today with her, and start giving her calls for at least 15minutes at a time on days when he is with me like the whole day. i feel way better knowing that he is spending some quality time with her!
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