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Nice one Ariakas! My guess though would be that Simple is Han and his gal is Chewy though. Han can express himself in words, but he is even more expressive physically while with Chewy, it's all words. Although a better comparison might be R2D2 and C3PO. :P

If I may recommend a book that my hubby and I read for our counseling sessions. It's called Passionate Marraige. The author uses real life examples of clients and I do believe there are at least one or two who seem to have if not the same "polar" differences then similar problems with communication. Everyone we know believe (and rightly so) that hubby and I are probably the best communicators they know, especially between ourselves, but this book helped even us figure some things out.

Also, if possible, I'd check out alternative lifestyle friendly marriage/sex counselors. Some are very good at pointing out and helping "fix" areas that need work, communication especially. Plus they can help with individual issues as well.

Good luck friend. It's a long road ahead, but the skies appear to be clearing a bit for you.
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