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Once a month may be exaggerating. Maybe two or three times a month. It used to be a lot more. She's said that it's easier to go out and have sex with guys who mean nothing, because she knows that after sex I expect some sort of relationship/connection...which is something that scares her.

I'm going to push for sex a bit more, but ultimately I feel it's wrong to badger a SO for sex...or push them into doing something they dont want to do.

She's gotten better at the a lot. It was just my birthday and she stayed off her phone almost the entire day to focus on me and make me feel special. It was appreciated.

Ultimately, what I have to get my head around is that she can flip back and forth from me to someone else (via text) and mean both things she says. I think I've been resisting actual polyamory.

I just have to get it through my thick head that loving someone else doesn't mean she doesn't love me.
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