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Hi and welcome to the forum! Sounds like you really think things through... which is good and could be overdone, as well, like bookbug said.

Originally Posted by smilingdemon View Post
So I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manifest my polyamorousness in my life now that I'm conscious of it. I think I'm still working that out.
You are in no hurry. These kind of things take time to develop. Coming here is a good start

Originally Posted by smilingdemon View Post
Everything I've read seems to come from the point of view of 2 people already in a relationship and how they deal with that.
Yes, I have noticed this, too. Like, you have to be a couple first before you can become poly... Well, no. I started subscribing to poly ideology before I ever was in any relationship. There are others like me, too. There are others like you, too, who enter a poly relationship from a monogamous background. Just relax and find out about different ways to be poly and live in a poly relationship. Your way will be just as good as anyone else's.

Originally Posted by smilingdemon View Post
I sometimes feel inadequate in that I don't have similar experiences.
She fell for you as you are now. She obviously loves you. You and her have different set of life experiences... Isn't that kinda the point in getting to know a new person?

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What if this relationship works out long term, she has her existing partner, she has me, I have her, and I don't feel a need to look elsewhere?
This scenario sounds perfectly good. What if you choose to be happy and not worry about any labels?
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