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She isn't upset or complaining about the schedule. You are happy with the schedule. The schedule is what it is because of work and things.
So the schedule isn't the prob.

You are not happy about not being able to talk to her directly when you have questions about the schedule.
  • She doesn't want to deal in talking to you.
  • You cannot control her willingness to talk to you directly.
  • You seem upset/disappointed in that.
  • You could talk to the hinge BF about the schedule and leave it to him to sort.
  • You could bow out and seek a polyship with people who ARE willing for everyone to talk to each other directly to sort schedules.

You also seem upset because you are not getting to cuddle in trio like a puppy pile.
  • This is something YOU want.
  • This is not necessarily something the other players want.
  • It can't be just you willing it to happen. ALL players must want it and be willing for to happen.
  • You could learn to accept that limit at this time and process your disappointment appropriately.
  • You could not pressure a 16 and 18 yr old to go where they don't want to go at this time.
  • You could bow out and seek a polyship with people who ARE willing for everyone to cuddle in trio like a puppy pile.

Since you are the eldest at 23 and dating HS teens, you could work on learning to deal in disappointment with grace. It's not all about your wants in a polyship. There's other people here, young people.

You also could tread very carefully -- you are participating in polyship with teens. A lot of brain changes happen in the teens/early 20's and you all may grow in different directions. Could not make Big Life Decisions at this age like engagement or marriage. There's no hurry.

I also do not know the laws of consent for the country where you live. Or how their parents take to you and this relationship configuration. But tread carefully anyway and learn YOUR local laws. Laws set aside?

As the eldest, and over 21 person? You could reap a whole lot of hooha dumped on your head if a parent decides to make hell for you because you date their teens. Or if a goofy teen acts out toward you/your property if you break up with them and they can't deal with the emotions.

"Consistent emotional self control" is not the phrase teens are best known for. It is the time to be learning that skill.


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