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SothernGal, it is worth asking him what his Saturday idea is, see if it is worth paying a sitter for.

Kip and I are on NC for a week. We had a 40 minutes talk on the phone this morning, I can't even remember half of it, but he needed time to think. I thought it was a straight up break-up call. I called him back in the afternoon and started with , "this needs to end," another 30 minutes later and he has sort of persuaded me to give him some time and thinking space. We both admit we are addicted to this relationship, first step right?
I did say I was hoping he would support and also agree to a break-up but he wasn't prepared to go there yet.

I get home and write a fairly brief, bullet point email. A short list of what I want,( thanks again NYCindie) what I think we need to do to go forward and saying NC for a week to give us both a break from this and some distance.

I requested a short confirmation of the email, which he provided.

My head is still being over-ruled by something.. needs, wants, desires. I need to stop beating myself up about not being strong enough to really put my foot down.

On a positive note, I requested letters of recommendation from my bosses, one of them might know the director at the opportunity. And I will work on my application tomorrow. If nothing else, the bosses are aware that I am looking for a career advancement that is not available where I am until I get more experience. I would need to go out to somewhere new and then come back.They are all very supportive. Also, they said they would keep an eye out for anything appropriate.

I feel good.
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