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You make some good points, London. I didn't think about all the possibilities at the time. I thought of the commitment I was asking for as a romantic thing. It all started when I was about to meet a long-term internet friend who was poly, who lives on the opposite coast. I assured my boyfriend that I wasn't about to start a relationship with the long-distance friend even if we had an attraction, because I wanted to focus my time and resources on the loving long-distance relationship I already had with him. And then I asked him if he would commit to the same thing. He wouldn't, and I think the mere fact of me asking caused him to put me in a few very difficult situations that were rather challenging for me at the time, situations that involved potential new partners for him. But I believed we had gotten past all that, until the day he told me we'd somehow lost the romance.

I've really come to terms with what has happened with the first ex, I just don't want my resulting insecurities to doom my new relationship.
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