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Default almost feel bad for my fiance's girlfriend

my fiance spends a lot of time with me because his girlfriend is at school and work a lot
but she's reallllly awkward to hang out with as she is young, she was a virgin when he met her, and she was raised sheltered in a mom-dad-brother-sister-pet-nice-cars-big-yard-big-pool house, so she's not knowledgeable about poly love
i'm afraid that she'll think that he doesn't love her anymore because he is also committed to me, and i'm afraid that she won't be able to handle a poly lifestyle, but i know my fiance loves her and i don't want them to break up
i kinda feel bad that he and i spend so much time together and she and him not enough, but even if we tried to set up schedules it really wouldn't work because of different work shifts and stuff

how do you deal with making sure everyone gets enough time and attention? she seems happy enough to see him when she can, and i LOVE being able to spend so much time with him, but i feel like i'm taking all of his time and it makes me feel a little guilty. i'm not some "other woman" and neither is she, so we should be able to just discuss time spending, but she really doesn't understand polyamory that well and she's already said she doesn't want to hear about me+him, which really is quite dumb because i don't see her as competition and would love it if we could both be cuddling with him at the same time while watching movies and stuff. she's just not quite there yet, so i really want to make sure he is spending enough alone time with her, but yeah i don't know how to really approach the situation.

i've always been polyamorous, but was only able to enter into a poly relationship recently. I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW FULFILLED AND FREE I FEEL!!! but since i'm new to actually working with it as a type of relationship style as opposed to "i wish", i could really use some support and advice~

i'm going to be looking through the forums some, i just wanted to post this first :P

ps i am 23/f, my fiance is 18/m, his girlfriend is 16/f. we are all from new jersey.
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