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Default I feel your pain

LR and I and her sister went to church on Easter. It's the church we like most of all we've gone to, but it's also my parent's church.

I was nervous, but we went because it was time for us to go there again. I honestly don't remember the last time we were there, over a year, maybe closer to 2. But I haven't even spoken to my mother in a year, since I ended our relationship, BECAUSE of my lifestyle and my goals and my priorities.

She (they) know nothing about us being a "poly" family, although we've all been living together since 2003. But my stepfather's decision to try and control my life and the lives of my family (LR/Maca/the kids) by saying our lives weren't blessed and that things could be fixed if we'd only do as he instructed, forced me to make the decision to cut them off altogether.

I know my mother may not approve of my lifestyle, but she loves me and if I believed in it as much as I do, she'd be fine with it and ever accepting with open loving arms. However, she chose to side with her husbands desisions and in doing so, lost out.

I know it's hard, especially with your parents not accepting you for who you are. All I wanted was for them to be my parents and encourage me in doiong something I believed in that wasn't hurting anyone, nor myself, and just be glad I'm happy. But sometimes that's way too much to expect, or even desire.

BUT... the good part is, that dispite that sad part of your life, you DO have a family that loves you and encourages you and accepts you for who you are, and is thrilled that you've found something in your life that makes you not only happy, but all worth it in the end. =o)

And you have an extended family as well...US! =o)

Hang in there Kiddo! God told me once that it wasn't my job to make them understand. My job was to do as he instructed and that was love, support, encourage, and strengthen this family. The rest is His responsibility. ...if you believe in that sort of thing, that is. =o)

You know your job, do it the best you can, with all you've got. (Not sure if I'm really the one to say that right now, but I am anyway).

Show your child that dispite the heartaches, there is love. And the greatest there is, is love. =o)

You're doing great, RP! Much love to you and your family!! =o)
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