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Yes, but for some people, like me, we much prefer someone asks for what they need from us rather than even suggest how we should structure our lives to give it to them. I understood all along that you were asking him to restrict the LDR he has and not all relationships entirely. But let's just say he was to meet someone who wouldn't take up an inordinate amount of time or money because of how their life was structured, but they were long distance? He would have to pass them by but he could meet someone local, extremely needy and broke who poses all the intrusion onto your relationship that you fear from someone long distance. Your goal, correct me if I am wrong, was to ensure he "saves" the resources necessary to maintain your relationship.

Allowing him to make the decision to only pursue relationships that allow him to maintain yours shows firstly what kind of partner he is, and arguably more importantly, it allows him autonomy over his relationships.
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