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Hi, all. I'm 33 and came to polyamory by following a former boyfriend and always close friend. I wasn't ready to let go of the "romantic" (whatever that means) and thought that following him into polyamory left the door open for us to have a sexual relationship. I can't get very far into discussions about this area of my life without running into terminology problems. So many terms seem wrong or just don't make sense. I'm also in the middle of trying to understand exactly what I want/need in this area of my life. Monogamy doesn't seem to be a good idea, though it does seem at the moment to be the easiest. But being that of the 3 people I'm involved with, only one of them is poly (and that relationship is largely non-sexual) and the other 2 put up with my ideas but don't agree, it doesn't seem that I'm on a very sustainable path. I would like to have a child, but i would like the father of that child to be somebody I have a close relationship with, and that doesn't seem likely to happen with any of the 3 in the near future. Being 33, time is of the essence for me in this regard. So, I'm now in the midst of trying to understand what relationship configuration is best.
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