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Originally Posted by Brighty18 View Post
We call ourselves a triad because we all love each other deeply, but C. and I are not generally sexually involved. We kiss and cuddle and are best friends in love, but he's mostly queer and I'm mostly straight. We are both, however, sexually involved with A. We have had shared sexual encounters, but it's not really our thing.

So is that kind of a V?
I don't think there's a clear-cut line between a V and a triad, and some relationships may be categorized as either, depending on how you look at it. Personally I think the emotional connection is the most important factor in defining a relationship, so if all three people love one another deeply (romantically or not), I'd call it a triad. However, some people may think only a three-way romantic and sexual relationship counts as a triad.

We also call ourselves a triad because we all love each other. Not all the pairwise connections are romantic (and none of them is sexual), but it's irrelevant to us. I'm sure many people wouldn't think ours is a triad, but their opinion doesn't matter to us at all.
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