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Completely agree with what SchrodingersCat said.

Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post

I can be happy alone, I can be happy with one partner or with several partners; however, I know that I cannot be happy in a mono/closed relationship, for lack-of-autonomy reasons. If I'm with one partner - as I currently am and have been for 5 1/2 years - is just a result of situational lack of opportunity (there are very few folks with partner-compatibility to the complicated human being I am, so that opportunity hardly ever arises. That's okay. ), not because of any stifling relationship contracts denying me the right for being with more than one.
Yeah, me too. I don't need to have multiple relationships, but it's a non-negotiable that any relationship of mine has to be poly.

I've heard some mono people say they're mono because it's rare for them to develop feelings for even one person, let alone more than one at the same time. That reason doesn't make sense to me at all. No matter how rarely I'm attracted to people, a mono relationship would still be denying my autonomy. Whether I end up having multiple partners or not isn't important, but I need to know I'm free to love whomever I want.
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