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My ideal romantic loving relationship(s) is one where we are almost always touching some how, cuddling, nestled in each others' arms, holding hands, rubbing our faces against each others', rubbing noses, kissing each other every where light, soft, few, many, short, long, etc., nuzzeling each other, rubbing our bodies against each other like cats or dogs, etc. all in public, non-public, where ever we happen to be, to just do what we feel and say how we feel!~
In here, there are some things I'd refer to as heavy petting and inappropriate in a completely public space. My answer reflected how I am comfortable with different levels of intimacy depending on where we are. In the street, casual physical affection is my limit. In a public sex club, I would have sex in front of people. My mood also comes into play because sometimes I need physical space.

I answered your question in good faith. Sex is intimate. You might not understand that but it is associated with both themes of this thread, intimacy and privacy. When you behave in this way, your lack of actual experience in relationships becomes very clear, and the chance of you gaining any experience with attractive, stable, functional adults looks very bleak indeed.
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