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Hey Southern Gal,
I under any other set of circumstances I am more than happy to hear about new lovers. It is just the timing with the Monday big reveal. Anyway, we did chat a little about her, I am happy that he is excited. As you say, I don't want to know graphic sex details, not yet, but probably will be more open to it down the line, he is popping out with them without prompting. Definitely enjoying his NRE and it is sweet.
OKPea and I do not match on schedules at all. It would be causal sex, no going out activities.
What do you think forumites? Do it anyway? He is very cute, I love the accent, at least he can't go on about mine when he has one too! We had the STD talk, my papers are more out of date than his. My last testing appointment ended up with little surgery instead , so it got lost in the shuffle. I have an appointment for 2 weeks.

I saw Prof, he might be buying a property that is just what I am looking for. It would be a share with a couple (not him). It opens up a really excellent school district option, one of the most desirable in the state and a ton of new work opportunities for me. It is right at the edge of where I can legally move the kids too. I saw a job last week that I really wanted to apply for but thought I can't realistically manage the commute and the kids, also rents up there are ridiculous.
I have been looking online at new places to live and new jobs a lot recently, I am dying to move. Also, opens a whole new world of dating and just life experience possibilities, so while the distance is not huge from where I am, probably 15 miles, it cuts out a huge amount of the evil drive and the kids school would be on the way, and only 15-20 mins to take them to the ex. I am very excited, it does depend if the couple are interested in sharing with a single mum with 2 small kids.
I am going to apply for the job, these things never move quickly, takes a while to get the application and recommendations together. If the pay hike is what I expect it will be then maybe I could still afford to move on my own. Worth a try
Yes, I had a quickie with Prof. It was great
Me: mid 40s female
Mr Dom: late 40s. 6 months
Prof: 50s. 3 years.
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