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Leo and I hang out at a local bar frequently, and lately a friend we have known for a while has expressed an interest in me. She's very attractive and fun to be around, but I'm just not that interested in her. Leo has been trying to encourage me to hook up with her with the hopes of hawt threesome sex , but I have resisted. I figured out a few weeks ago she is not looking for a one night stand, but a long-term girlfriend. She is in an open relationship, but is not interested in guys or casual hookups. I really respect and like her, but I'm not sure I want to start dating her. Leo finally figured out that she was looking for something long-term last night and has realized I'm not likely to go in that direction. I've felt pressured lately, which doesn't sit well with me. I'm one of those people that is more likely to do the opposite when pressured just to be a pain in the ass. We've talked about it a little, but he's now left if firmly in my court to decide how to proceed.

I'm actually mostly heterosexual. I've been involved with a woman once, but she was Leo's girlfriend and I was just a visitor in that relationship. My relationship with her was more mental with a strong friendship "click". Oddly, I came to realize I sort of have a girlfriend in my best friend. Because I sometimes lack imaginations, we'll just call her Bestie. I'm as close to Bestie as I am to Leo. I can talk to her about anything, spend long amounts of time with her, and have a very strong emotional bond with her. She's one of those people that I know is going to call me before my phone rings. She's also very attractive to me. But I value my relationship with her so much that I won't go there for fear of causing any problems. I love her as my friend and love Leo as my lover, and I'm very happy right where I am. So I guess she's my non-romantic girlfriend and that's perfectly suitable.
Me - Mostly mono female, 39 yrs old, married to Leo.
Leo - Poly bi-sexual male, 37 years old. Married to me and looking.
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