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It's understandable that you're feeling disappointed and frustrated because you need some attention and intimacy when you're with her, and texting her potentials when she's cuddled on your lap doesn't meet that need.

My thought is, it is what it is. Is it immature? Sure, probably. But she's basically still a kid. She's not "acting" immature. She is immature. She's 20. Last year, she was a teenager. If you want to date someone who behaves like a 44 year old, then date a 44 year old. If you want to date a 20 year old, then be prepared for the Millennial Generation baggage that comes with it.

You've expressed how it bothers you, you've asked her to stop. With that information, she has chosen not to stop.

That puts the ball in your court. Your options, as I see them, are to end the relationship or learn to accept the behaviour. Otherwise, what you're doing is trying to change her. Only she can change herself, and she has to want that for her own reasons, not to appease someone else.

She's a young woman with freedom and no responsibility. We can all sit here on our pedestals and call that rude or selfish or immature, but the fact remains, it's her life to live the way she wants. If she wants to constantly text people across the country and explore all her possible avenues, then that's what she's gonna do. Passing judgement might make us feel superior and mature, but really it's just looking down our noses at "kids these days."
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