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Chatted to Kip. I am ready to let it go and move on. Generally, on the whole, it is fun and fairly stress free. Lots of positives, one tends to focus on the bad parts when blogging. He is very enthusiastic about being open and honest; wants to give the gory details about Ivy. I have declined and will work on setting up some kind of communication agreement. I think just knowing there are new partners and that safe sex is assured, then that's pretty much all we need to know.
Does that sound about right?
If something particularly interesting or relevant happened or just general news about partners, that is ok. I have given him more... what is the than I should. I think it will be interesting times ahead for communication. I want to give less, he wants to give more.

OKPea texted last night, we are meeting today for a wee bit. He said he has time tonight but I have the kids. The schedules might be hard to match. Oh well. He is very hot
Me: mid 40s female.
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