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Yeah, I just feel jealous when she pays attention to other guys (or girls) instead of me, because I feel like I'm going to lose some of the attention I used to get, and to be honest, the sex is a big issue for me, too. While love may be infinite, sex drive is not. And it's not fair that with monogamous women, I could use something like jealousy to strengthen the sexual bond. Like letting my SO catch me looking at other women in THAT way. I would imagine that the jealousy could, in a healthy person in a healthy relationship (instead of leading to self-loathing, as it is apt to do in today's youth), lead to having a stronger desire to prove why they're the only one you fuck. It's not fair that that could work in a monogamous relationship, but because my wife doesn't feel jealousy, I can't do that. I really have no idea how to fuel her desire for physical and spiritual connection. She's a very vocally-oriented person, and it drives me up the wall, because I don't trust words. Actions are the only concrete thing in my experience.

It just makes me feel kind of inadequate that I'm not enough to captivate her. I literally based my whole life around being a guy that a woman could love and be captivated by and need no other, even more so in my teen years, because I heard a lot of women complaining all the time about such things.

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