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Yes, I get that I could be trying out the new "communicate and work through it philosophy" with the wrong person.
It has been less than a week since the conversation and we haven't had a chance to talk about it. I think I need to. I am stuck on the connection and support that he has shown, that was all real. I am stuck on the fact that he said he thought I couldn't handle the truth, Prof said the same thing.
"What do I want?" Good question. I hadn't thought about it that way. I want to keep on seeing him, I want to maintain the relationship. I want him to be honest going forward. I want me to be honest going forward. I want to know if a new sex partner has been added. I want to the IM chat to keep pinging. I want to keep exploring sex with him. I want to see if we are closer now he has told me all.
Wow, there is some clarity. That is what I want.
Me: mid 40s female.

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