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But you already have two partners.

You also skipped this very difficult part of building additional relationships from scratch because you were cheating and "stealing" the time you needed to build and maintain your relationship. Maca is doing this with your full knowledge and permission and is also likely to meet a complete stranger who isn't integrated into your family like your boyfriend was. I don't think you have any sympathy for that. Maybe you don't acknowledge how.vastly different it is when you're building a relationship from scratch. It's impossible to have the same rules, expectations and ideals that you had when you were transforming your relationship with your boyfriend from cheating to poly because he was already known to your family, you already had built the romantic connection (even though you did break it for a bit, it was still there and you just had to rekindle it) and he felt it appropriate to make amends etc. It isn't like that with a new person: they don't know you or your family, they haven't got a romantic connection that already exists to fight for and they have nothing to make amends for.

Nothing in your set up reflects these very significant differences in situation. Maca loses out as a result.

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