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I am, deep down, a romantic at heart. I still believe that the fairytale love, "the one," is possible, and up until the possibility of something more than platonic friendship with Elric, that was my belief. Don't get me wrong, I've read sci-fi and some Heinlien and I had no problem with people who wanted to live there lives differently as long as they were respectful to everyone in their lives, but I was totally mono.

Now, after Elric and even with the failing of that possibility, I still believe that I can be in love with more than one person and it is ok. Sometimes it is hard if not impossible to go back to what one once was.

Is monogamy wrong? No. Is poly "the way"? Not for everyone. I am a firm believer of "to each his own," as long as the choice is their's and they realize that it is a choice. I would hope that people in any lifestyle choose to follow their heart and their beliefs and not be pressured into a lifestyle that does not and may never fit them.
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