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He had a fun playdate with Ivy. That's all I want to know. He wants to give the details, I don't really care.
I was always happy to hear about Yo and Prof's meets and dates. We had some fun chats about that. But I am still stuck on Monday's revelations and not feeling terribly compersiony right now.
I am losing interest in trying to stick it out. But I should try, right? Isn't this the tough part? This is what I am supposed to communicate through? Like dealing with an addict, you find out, they spill their guts and you work with it. As Mags said I tend to walk away from relationships. I did, however, really try with my marriage, and I mean really try. From a compulsive drinker to a compulsive liar, nice one Atlantis
I also feel that if I give up then I have indeed proven to him that he was right in not saying anything. I am not sure he would get the difference between it's not the other partners, it's the lying.

Change the subject. I think I might be meeting OKPea over the weekend. Texts were a bit vague, so maybe he will not firm anything up. The ball is in his court, I said I am fairly free, he said he will check his schedule. He works in a restaurant, so not really free in the evenings.

Prof texted, he wants to meet.

I went out with a friend tonight to hear her friend play Irish music. It was very fun. A town over has an kind of open art night once a month. Shops and stores hang art and the museum/gallery is open and free. There is usually music too. So we will do that next month. I am working on the socializing thing and will endeavour to engage in random chit chat with at least 2 strangers ( not in the dating sense) Challenge!
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