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Default Complications of Small Towns

So often people complain about not being able to "come out" because they are in such a small community. That isn't an issue for us. We are out.

But-we were talking today. Maca's been browsing the okc profiles for our area and what he's running into is that the women who are poly are also involved in the same activities as the drama-queen. If he were to even consider meeting them and there was a spark, he would inevitably have it come back around to her. There's no doubt in my mind or his that she would have a hissy fit (again). Even though they never dated and SHE was unwilling to date because of my STD status-she was VERY possessive and the large majority of the drama she created was over wanting his undivided attention.

He finds it daunting, the idea of looking for people who are open to the concept of a poly dynamic, in a cesspool of "everyone knows everyone else"; especially when one particular someone else is such a dramatic trouble maker.
I empathize. He asked me what I would do, but only half-assed asking, because he already knows.
I'm bi, I miss having a woman partner. But there is NOTHING about dealing with that bs that interests me. I refuse to date and I refuse to have anything to do with the poly groups here, because I refuse to deal with the drama that goes along with it. In addition to HER bs, I dislike the endless vying to "be on top" and the meatmarket aspect of it. Every time a woman joins; it's like fishing on the Kenai-EVERYONES casting their hooks at once. BLECH!
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