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Default Boundaries

Maca and I reviewed our boundaries and definitions of relationship types last night. We discussed a few items that were on our "to discuss list" from our last time reviewing them. We didn't have any changes to make to our boundaries, we're both happy with them. I noticed that we created them January 2012, and that since we agreed on them-our drama has decreased exponentially with each month.

I was duly impressed with something he shared. He brought up that he felt that communication skills, specifically the willingness and ability to address any problems that arise face to face and in a timely manner was BIG on his list of "important to have before consideration of dating". He explained his reasoning-which was primarily based on the drama that occurred with the 24 yo who avoided meeting up to talk about a problem that arose-making excuses and "needing some time" for well over 6 months and then creating such a fiasco of bs and drama in the community over it-that it ruined their chances as FRIENDSHIP.
I certainly agreed. I have always felt that it's important that people be willing to face the music of WHATEVER is going on in their life, whether that music be good or bad.
But it was cool to hear him explain his thoughts on the matter, what actions he thinks need to considered and seen and whatever to know that the communication is possible (because how do you know if no issues have arisen?).
Very good conversation.
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