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I don't feel so in over my head anymore. Spending New Years Eve with both A and J was very positive and she often states that J suggested the times that she had for me. She says, "I could come over from 6-9 tomorrow. You can thank J for that." J is super gracious. He accepts me. Her kids are cool with me too. Everything has gone just swimmingly. I'm happy. A is happy. And I don't pry too much into him and her but I assume he is at least happy for her.

However, lately I have been thinking about how she divides her affections, and here I hope that one of my readers is a pivot herself and could lend some insight. A and I have had some profoundly passionate sessions together and ever since the first time, I have told her that it would always get better. It has. Even beyond what I could have imagined. Heart to heart astral plane sex and if you've ever had that then you think that it's the ultimate. It's not. There's also heart to heart astral plane sex level two. And three. And four. It just keeps getting nicer and deeper and then I start to think if we're hitting those heights, how does that affect her relationship with J? It's not my intent to have all of her affection and I feel like she's giving me at least 80% and as I mentioned above, J has been so gracious that it makes me feel like he's getting the short end of the stick here. I feel compersion towards him. I want him to be happy too. That leads me to a couple questions. First, is it any of my business how she divides her time and affections? And next, is there anything I can do to equalize this?

Kevin, what does your girlfriend say. She's a pivot right?
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