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Cajun and I were like this when we first started looking into Poly. I always had questions for him and wanted (needed) to know how he felt about something or what he thought about something to the point that every time we were alone, that seemed to be the only topic of conversation. This "problem" has calmed down quite a bit since then, not only because of the cease/pause of looking for another (ok, trying to get that other) but because after time, you realize that there aren't really any questions left unanswered at that point. I don't need to repeat questions with him.

If I might suggest, if you find that you keep thinking about certain things over and over, write them down somewhere safe. Sometimes what seems like the most important question at one moment, becomes something silly the next becuase you already know the answer yourself. Then you set aside time to talk about these things if they are still plaguing your mind.

I agree, finding somewhere or sometime to have the "normal" day to day things is a great idea.
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