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Originally Posted by tinylove View Post
hoping someone can understand and maybe help me with ideas or experiences.
I haven't read anything that others have said, but just wanted to tell you that I went through similar feelings as did my husband. We both had moments of cringing at the thought of anyone being with another and had endless nights of talking, endless crying and going over the same stuff again and again...

It seems a purge of all emotions and cultural expectations and understanding needs to happen in order to move forward and figure out common goals. To get at the root of what we were looking for and what the vision for our life would be needed to take time and talking about. We decided early on to just let that all have it's time and place and trust that whatever was to be would be.

Sure enough, like most things, there was an end to it all and now the talks are less frequent. We learned a lot about each other during that time. More than we ever would of otherwise. It was a huge gift to be able to have that time. It was hard work, but I wouldn't change it for the world. We have a way of understanding ourselves and each other that is invaluable.
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