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Default Greetings

Greetings to all. I am a new poster to these forums although I have been lurking for about a month or two trying to decide if I wanted to post. Now I finally have the nerve to do so.

A little about me and my relationship. I am a married mother of one. My husband is wonderful and we love each other very much. So much that when I brought up poly he looked at me and said, "If this will make you happy, lets see how it would work". We are currently also in the process of trying to have a second child.

Growing up, I always had that old-fashioned dream of finding Mr. Right and settling down to a monogamous marriage, raising children, having pets, etc. I could never understand how some of my friends would try to date multiple people at once and the closest I ever came to that was going on a couple of dates with two different guys interspersed in the same month. I have always had a great capacity to love, that is one of the things all my friends love about me, how unconditional my love is for them and everyone in my circle. So now that I have achieved that basic dream, something new has happened that is throwing life into a tizzy.

I'll post the actual details to the New to Poly Forum as this is supposed to be just an intro. I am finding that I am more than likely poly but what appears to be a more subdued version. I wouldn't mind having one more man in my life, but I'm not interested in having multiple lovers. I know that is a valid lifestyle choice (vee) so I am here to learn more. I have almost finished Ethical Slut (brilliant book) and my husband and I are seeking couples counseling with a counselor who is open to alternate lifestyles so I know we are on the right track.

Anyways, right off the bat I'd like to thank Redpepper and MonoVCPHG for being so open in their posting. You have helped me understanding more about myself and my situation and helped me to decide to finally post.

Now off to the New to Poly Forums to post my story. Thanks ~Van
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