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Kevin, I want to thank you for sharing this, too. It is good to read about happy long-term poly.

My own MFM vee has its first year behind, and things look great for us, too. I travel between the two homes. We have a set schedule for that and the schedule has proven to be flexible when needed. My guys have slowly been building a connection as metamours, and we spent Christmas together the three of us. From my POV the Christmas celebration showed that the guys have pretty much resolved their respective insecurity / jealousy issues, and were able to relax in each other's company as well as show their affection to me with no negative consequences.

We also are planning to move in together in a duplex, a separate apartment for each guy. When this plan actualizes, remains to be seen. I consider this kind of a plan a vignette in itself. It is lovely to make plans for the future with your loved ones.
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