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Hi to Arrowbound. Thanks for writing.

I'm struggling with the true fact that I love people. For some reason I feel really guilty about it. Shame for having strong emotional attachments. I love my Mono and together we have been really happy. Our lives have settled mostly and our family continues to be strong and together. Yet.... I cannot deny my love for those close to me. How do I feel this and figure out how to keep a structure that respects boundaries and is acceptable displays of affection and love? I so suck at this. I decided to not bother and show my love for others whenever it comes up. To me it doesn't mean I am swaying from the course I am determined and happy to follow but I get worried and scared others think I am too much in their face with my emotions and displays of affection. That it means more some how and that they are saying, "see. You can't do it. You need to have another partner." It makes me feel guilty and confused. I can rationalize it easily and chalk it up to just being myself but I am uncertain of whether I am okay or not.... I don't know if that makes any sense.
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