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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post

I understand the fear of having every one "know" about who you are and what you do, and the potential "dangers" that come with that, but it is simply paranoia to believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON, children INCLUDED in the situation, who has EVER "publicly-announced" that they are "polyamorous" have been treated badly.~
I don't recall anyone saying EVERY SINGLE PERSON has been treated badly. I have not, despite being fairly open when I am the only one who bears the consequences. So what's with the straw man argument? Some people have been treated badly. Just because everyone has not does not mean it doesn't exist.

Just because not everyone who swims in the ocean gets bit by a shark does not mean sharks don't exist.

Tell whomever you like. No one on this board cares. However, you asked a question, "why hide?" People have responded to your questions with legitimate answers for their personal choices. You can disagree all you want, and do as you please. Why did you turn the topic into a pissing match?

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