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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
Well, no, not exactly.

You're a security risk if it's potentially damaging to the country, not so much to you.

Coming back from the Philippines with a new wife you never told anyone about? Yeah, THAT made for some fun days for a coworker of mine.

"Adverse information" is something that someone can hold over you and make you a security threat (via blackmail or extortion or the like), OR is information that shows that you're a loose cannon and/or not trustworthy (alcoholism, drug addiction), OR something else that shows you'd be susceptible to bribery (financial troubles). It's also occasionally things that are GOOD for you (coming into unexplained wealth) because, hey, maybe they're selling secrets.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of military folks (disclaimer: I don't think I know any personally, but I've seen threads and the like) who keep their poly relationships hush-hush due to adultery clauses. That's a tough line because on the one hand, they could lose their jobs. On the other hand, they could lose their clearance and, therefore, their jobs. Yuck.

Oh, and you might want to not go shouting that you have a clearance over a public, international message board. Just sayin'.
Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
You do realize that the US military comes with strict Morality rules don't you. You end up in jail for volation of those rules. Including adultry and etc. Hellish you get an Article 15 for a simple tattoo.

The military has no tolerance for those who do not play by societies rules. You better get good at hiding. Or they will discharge you with a dishonorable discharge which follows you as badly as a felony for the rest of your life.

I served in the Army.. was born a navy brat. Butch is a former Marine . We know the rules well.
To Dagferi:

You "better" not be telling me what to do when you have no idea what you are talking about.~

You do not know me, you do not know my circumstances.~

To Dagferi and to YouAreHere:

I am not married and my love life is not relevant to my military life, because as they told me at MEPS, "If you're not married and you don't plan on getting married, then we don't need to know about it."

I do know however that it is best if I don't go to great lengths to hide my love life in any way as I could be setting myself up for being "blackmailed".~
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