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Originally Posted by CuriouslyPoly View Post
In my opinion, V-types are probably a chain of open relationships and not really poly ones. Fine, some of you can call them networks to encompass the whole chain of people involved, but I think V-type polyamorous relationships are a's just part of a chain of open relationships.
No offense taken. However, you are incorrect. The only thing that makes a situation polyamorous is that there is someone involved with multiple partners on more than just a physical, sexual level with full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Open relationships tend to be more focused on sexual activity, but when love or loving feelings are part of it, it's generally considered polyamory. But your opinion won't change how poly people view themselves or their relationships.

Originally Posted by CuriouslyPoly View Post
Well it's assumed and it's pretty straightforward, well at least for me and a lot of people. Plus it can go the same for men...there are men who are also bisexual.
Assumed? By whom? Someone told you myths and you beleived them. Sexual orientation has no automatic correlation with whether someone practices polyamory or not. Never assume.
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