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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Ummm.. my V relationship is just that a v. Murf is monogamous. There is no continuing chain of partner there. Butch is polycurious BUT is not seeking other partners. So the chain ends on his end. I am polyfidelous. I have no urge to be with anyone but Murf and Butch
Well there you go, you somewhat see things from my perspective. To me, the concept of polyamory is more clear when the relationship has a limit...otherwise it's an open relationship.

Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
So you are wrong painting all relationship with one brush.
Nope, If you read the quote below then here's another person's perspective.

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Except, when they aren't.
In our dynamic for example, there is myself (hinge) Maca (my husband of 15 years) and GG (my bf of 20+ years). Maca had a gf for 2 years-but she moved to another state.
No long line of open relationships.
See, she even said that there's no long line of open relationships so there's a limit on her polyamorous relationship.

Also, some of you can nitpick and say that you don't have to be involved in another relationship and still be poly or mono, but I wonder...what's the point of being in poly relationships if I don't desire or rather not be be involved in my partner's partner and my partner is mono to her girlfriend but her girlfriend is poly and has a boyfriend and the girlfriend's boyfriend is poly and has a girlfriend who is poly and is interested in me and she got another boyfriend etc. etc. etc. ....can some of you see how can this be confusing?

It's confusing.

So there has to be line drawn for polyamorous relationships to work, otherwise it's open relationship. I can see why most people will rather attempt to be monogamous because it's a straight line.

Anyways, this will be my last post on this thread. It's unfortunate that I can't understand how v-type poly relationships can be stable if there is a chance to add onto the v-type diagram. But if I do get into a polyamorous relationship by chance then polyexclusive will probably work for me.

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Flame baaaaaaaait!!!!!!!
Wow...very mature...
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