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Originally Posted by london View Post
When you have a job with a good character clause, something like kink or polyamory or an affair can cause you to lose your job.
Actually, with my job it's the OPPOSITE of that: my job requires a "secret" security clearance and if I "hide" ANYTHING not-related to my job: any one could use this some thing that I am "hiding" to "blackmail" me and thus making me a "security-risk", I could lose my job for that.~

The more "potentially-damaging" the information to me, in other words the more I "DON'T want people to know about it", the higher a "security-risk" I am.~

So in actuality, it's better if I am open about every thing that I am and do especially if it is not "mainstream".~

I understand the fear of having every one "know" about who you are and what you do, and the potential "dangers" that come with that, but it is simply paranoia to believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON, children INCLUDED in the situation, who has EVER "publicly-announced" that they are "polyamorous" have been treated badly.~
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