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Originally Posted by london View Post
*People often want to make polyamory as close to monogamy as possible in some attempt to correct all the things that are morally wrong about it.*

This is where I'm starting. People who fundamentally believe that non monogamy is wrong. Everything else follows.

I'm saying that there are a subset of people who practice non monogamy who actually believe it is wrong and feel guilty/dirty/wrong for desiring and partaking in it.
And there are some who superficially appear monogamous, but are just going about their lives. I'll admit I'm sensitive on this...I even once had someone tell me, actually two people tell me, even though I CONSISTENTLY made it clear I was poly, that I must be monogamous since I only had one partner. As if I had to "prove" my polyness by dating another person. Same way I felt I had to "prove" my bisexuality by dating a woman (as I've so far mostly dated guys and have not had a serious girlfriend). I can't help that the sort of person you described above exists. I just don't let that discourage me from practicing the type of poly they claim they do.

It just gets annoying when I hear things that seem to perpetuate those myths

But thanks for the apology and clarification.
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