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Originally Posted by Nadya View Post
Why only the two options of open OR poly?

CuriouslyPoly, it would be interesting to hear your definition of "really poly".
Polyfidelity or polyexclusive or polyfaithful are the terms that makes sense to me. Add close, strictly non-sexual friendships to the mix and that's how I define poly.

I assume that open relationships have little to no boundaries in terms of intimate relationships while polyamorous relationships do. Again, how can one track a "polyamorous" relationship consistently over time when there's multiple chains of relationships that can develop? To me, if some think, claim, or feel that polyamorous relationships shouldn't have limits in terms of relationships...that's not being honest. Fine, people can choose to be open and not limit themselves to one person, but claiming to be in a polyamorous relationship is a misnomer...they are open or single while engaging in casual relationships.

I can sincerely care and be happy for someone, but to me that's just me being a close friend to someone if I'm not romantically and/or sexually interested in that person. Even if I happen to develop feelings on one of my close friends, but it's unrequited then I would eventually discard my feelings and just be happy being close friends.

Originally Posted by Nadya View Post
OR... what about a closed poly-fi vee? Is that "really poly"?
Yeah, that makes sense to me. One is committed to poly, one is committed to poly, and poly is committed to both. But yeah, to me it's better to call it polyexclusive.

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