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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post
See, you're making as many false assumptions as the OP here. I often think that my style of poly closely resembles monogamy, but it's not an attempt to "fix" monogamy. It's simply the way it's fallen into place for me, due to all sorts of things. If I tried to do the network type poly...and have two completely isolated relationships...I'd end up having both fall apart :-p Being able to have all partners get along and support each other is very important to me. I also like a lot of what is "traditional" in relationships, i.e. a ring, commitment ceremony, marriage if possible, living close together, building our lives together, children, etc.

Doesn't mean I secretly wish my partners were single and committed solely to me. Just means I've found something in between that works for me.
Dude, I've never heard you say that anything other than the type of model you have is not polyamory because it's just people having endless strings of seperate relationships or whatever. I'm not saying that people shouldn't practice whatever relationship style suits them, you just don't get to remove someone's perfectly acceptable poly label because they don't do the same as you.

Imagine telling everyone in a closed triad or quad that they had to use the term monogamish because they aren't open to new relationships at all times like proper poly folk. It would be ridiculous. Regardless of my beliefs on closed relationships, a healthy triad or quad involves the people in them maintaining more than one loving relationship. That's polyamory.

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