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When we first got married we had a wonderful relationship with this women but she moved away and we both took different paths in our lives. For the past 10 years of our marriage we have been monogomous. Last year we decided we wanted a third to join us. We had trouble finding anyone and then decided to try finding people separately . We both found people and became friends with them right away. Of course this is when all the issues,conflicts and problems started. I thought that this was what I wanted but the more I realize it the more I think I just want more friends in my life and not new partners. But at the same time I have a lot of issues I have to deal with. So I think I am feeling overwhelmed and just do not want a relationship right now. Though i may in the future? I do believe that love is limitless I am just not sure how to deal with it at this moment.

We are done having children we have three. The person he met is 21 and wants children.

safe sex became an issue we have only been with each other and have no stds etc. this brought up fears for both of us.

etc. etc.
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