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Why only the two options of open OR poly?

Ethical non-monogamy comes in all sizes and shapes. It can be

casual sex
non-sexual emotional relationships
(something else I cannot think of?)

AND it can be any combination of these, really.

CuriouslyPoly, it would be interesting to hear your definition of "really poly".

Myself and my relationships, for example:
I am a hinge of a vee between my husband CJ and my OSO Mark. This makes me poly, and the whole configuration polyamorous. I am committed and long-term with both of them, a lot of love involved. At the moment I am not looking for more partners, reached my polysaturation point.

Mark chooses to be mono, meaning he does not want any romantic or sexual involvement with anyone else than me. CJ is open and looking for another long-term relationship. Me and CJ also occasionally engage in casual threesome sex with a male friend of ours.

So, in your mind we are not "really poly"? I mean, you can have all the definitions you want... I'd be interested to know where me and my relationships fail to fit your definition of poly.

OR... what about a closed poly-fi vee? Is that "really poly"?
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