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Default My Poly Story

Hmm, every time I think about it, I realise that my dealings with polyamory go back further than I acknowledge.

I was recently reminded of something that used to go on in my primary school, between the ages of about 9-11. We used to have these relationships with each other, and effectively cheat because we all liked more than one boy or girl. We came to this decision that we should share boyfriends and girlfriends to make it easier and stop all the silly cheating. We did this until we left for secondary school and it worked perfectly. In addition to this, I would always have a boyfriend at school and a boyfriend around where I lived. I really didn't see what having more than one boyfriend would result in that would be so awful.

When I was 12, I met my first proper boyfriend. He didn't like sex much. I was a horny little devil and he wasn't really that interested. He was 14. We had this weird thing going on throughout our relationship. See, we werent' monogamous and we knew this. We would discuss the other people that we are seeing. I didn't tell these other people about my "proper" boyfriend although they knew I "used" to have a boyfriend by that name and I see him around sometimes. In actuality he was integrated into my home and family and I'd see him most days. With the other guys I had a very age appropriate relationship and I'd only be very sexual with my "proper" boyfriend. Once or twice over three years, both of us started relationships that we couldn't seem to"keep down" and we'd have to publicly "break up" in order for us to have this other relationship. We knew that it wasn't real. We just didn't know how to say "we are not in a monogamous relationship and it's fine. We know and it's fine and this makes us happy".

Often a friend would find out that we were "cheating" and we'd have to stage outrage and all that because we had been so badly "betrayed".

Then at 15 I met my son's dad and I thought that we needed to be monogamous to have a serious relationship so I just kind of forgot all about actively pursuing other relationships. What I did do is have emotional connections with other males that in all honesty surpassed the boundaries of most monogamous relationships but I didn't see it as cheating because I wasn't having sex with them. Nothing like that. Just emotional. We openly had cybersex partners though. I stayed with him until I was 22.

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