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I'm worried that last sentence came off wrong...nothing wrong with being mono-minded

I just am trying to get some insight into whether he can come around to poly or not. My gut feeling is he can because he is fundamentally open, trusting, secure, not jealous, and very supportive of people doing what makes them happy (and getting the same freedom in return). He is probably the least jealous person I have EVER known. makes me uneasy that he's continually framing things in terms of me falling for someone and leaving, or him falling for someone and leaving. Since the way I understand is not about leaving someone for someone else. It's about not having to do that, since (where I'm coming from) no one person is ever "the one." There is no "the one." Swapping someone you love for someone else you love is a lose-lose; it's like musical dicks, and not in a good way
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