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Originally Posted by london View Post
I already covered people who don't want to have sex. You do know who Bill Clinton is right? Someone who tries to pretend a penetrative sex act like oral sex isn't real sex so they can do it without feeling guilty, wrong or dirty obviously isn't fulfilled by the celibacy they are imposing on themself.
I think the reason why I don't consider oral sex as "sex" is because a girl doesn't have a chance of getting pregnant when semen is in her mouth.

Vaginal sex is pretty obvious and engaging in anal sex with a girl can get her pregnant if the semen happens to slip out of her anus and gets into the vagina.

I still go by the dictionary term for sexual intercourse, but I mix in my own morals when it comes to sex. Again, I'm not religious.

Originally Posted by london View Post
Just because I choose to have sex with 1000 men a month, it doesn't mean I don't view sex as valuable. It also doesn't mean that I don't think all one thousand of these men arent special.
Sorry, but I just don't see that. Again, my opinion.

Originally Posted by london View Post
I think you need to start saying things from your point of view: "I don't see women as special until I feel we have been seeing each other for a year" rather than "nobody can be special to someone else unless they've been dating a year". See the difference?
Alright, fair enough.

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