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Originally Posted by london View Post
Maybe youre unable to separate sex and emotions and want to save sex for some super special girly so you don't go to Hell or whatever, but that certainly isn't my view of sex. Young people don't need you to feel disappointed for them. You have your views that you've been raised with, lots of us do not subscribe to those views and feel sex is a fun activity you can do with whoever you like, whenever you like. That might be everyday with near strangers, it might be never. What's important is that we don't have people looking down on us or feeling disappointed that we are choosing to experiement and discoveru ourselves as sexual beings.
Alright and vice versa, don't chastise those who see sex as something valuable and who chooses to reserve it for someone special. I discover what I'm into just from looking at porn. I don't feel the need to casually go to a girl and experiment with her. Sex is easy to come by these days, but that's just my opinion.

By the way, I'm not religious.

Originally Posted by london View Post
And this is a common claim that people unfulfilled and unhappy by their self restrictions on sex so they start saying things like "yeah, God won't punish me if I stick my cock in her mouth/he puts his tongue in my pussy because even though I'm experiencing sexual arousal, sexual gratification and even possibly orgasm, because our genitals aren't actually touching so it isn't real sex. Only real sex counts." That is weak, man, seriously. Ether you shouldn't bond with people sexually because it isn't right outside the confines of marriage or a serious, committed relationship or consensual sex between adults is always fine.
Again, I'm not religious. I have my views and you have yours. Plus, it's a bit unreasonable to assume that people who refuse to give sex up so easily is unhappy or unfulfilled.

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